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Mental Health Awareness (3)

Black History Month: Intersectionality & Kimberle Crenshaw

By: Grace Manning “I  became a woman when I realized we’re all equal in beauty, intelligence, and talent. A whole garden is more pleasing to the eye than a single rose”  With February being Black History Month, it’s important to recognize the power of intersectionality in feminism, and to celebrate...

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Mental Health Awareness (1)

The Importance of Girl Only Spaces

By: Cyndy Liu and Grace Manning  “Nothing can replace how the women in my life make me feel” – Rupi Kaur  For too long, women have been told not to take up space, to become small, and keep to ourselves. Year after year, there has been an unanswered longing for...

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Self Love

With the idea of romance in the air this time of year, flowers, chocolate, and everything heart-shaped, we can’t help...

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