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Founded in 2019, Thrive: “Like a Girl” is a youth initiative dedicated to empowerment through capacity-building conversations. What started as a 5-week program for you ages 10-16, has flourished into so much more. Thrive: “Like a Girl” was founded by Nicola Brogan with the support of the Pathy Foundation Fellowship through St. Francis Xavier University.

Thrive: “Like a Girl” launched as a Hamilton, Ontario based initiative one vision: to build the self-esteem and confidence of young girls, nonbinary and gender fluid youth in our community. In just 6 short months, Thrive: “Like a Girl” shifted their entire platform to a virtual basis and expanded their reach to youth across Ontario and Alberta. Today, Thrive: “Like a Girl” offers a variety of workshops, social events and resources to youth up to age 25 to build self-esteem, confidence and ultimately empower the next generation. 

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Our Founder: Nicola Brogan

Nicola Brogan, MSc (She/her) (Nic-uh-la), is a fierce advocate and researcher specializing in women’s reproductive health.  Jumping into the scene just under five years ago, Nicola found her passion for sexual health when she completed her undergraduate honours thesis “Exploring long-acting contraception use across Canada”. Honing her skills, she continued on to a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences where she concentrated on adolescent’s  use and access to contraception in rural Ontario. 

Nicola is a graduate from the University of Ottawa, in Ottawa, ON, Canada, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences with a minor in Life Sciences, and a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. She has been working with the American Society for Emergency Contraception for just over two years and currently co-coordinates their latest project: Emergency Contraception for Every Campus.

Nicola is the proud founder of Thrive: “Like a girl”.. Her special interests include: adolescent health, rural health and all forms of contraception (including EC).  Nicola is a current student in the one-year Accelerated Bachelor’s for Non-Nurses at the University of Rochester. In the future, she aspires to be a clinician specializing in adolescent reproductive health while advocating for women’s health and rights.

The Programming

The program curriculum was developed and vetted by Nicola, under the guidance she received through the Pathy Foundation Fellowship. Prior to the fellowship, Nicola received her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences (with a minor in life sciences) and her Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa. Outside of Thrive: “Like a Girl”, Nicola works as an independent research consultant specializing in reproductive health and more specifically, the reproductive autonomy of adolescent girls.

Our Donors

The Team That Helps You Thrive

Our organization is completely volunteer led! 

Our Misson & Values

Thrive: “Like a Girl” aims to inspire girls and non-binary youth up to 25 years old by empowering them through meaningful conversation focused on understanding, empathy, and trust. 

Our focus is to instil self-esteem and confidence in every womxn because we believe “every girl deserves to thrive”.

Through workshops, conversations and social events, we provide the foundation youth need for self-esteem and confidence. 

We strive to educate to promote attitude changes in youth so they can be bold, independent changemakers within their communities. 

We are dedicated to operating from an honest, transparent and ethical place

We create spaces that fosters a sense of belonging, security and encourages growth.

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