With the idea of romance in the air this time of year, flowers, chocolate, and everything heart-shaped, we can’t help but think of the ones we love. When we hear the songs that make us sing just a little bit louder, the movies that make us ugly cry, and search the endless faces in
mind….did you think about yourself?

Self-love is a relationship we are in our entire lives and yet some are still looking to be in it. The act of prioritizing your emotional and physical needs in a caring way with the goal of self-acceptance. It is a commitment we owe to ourselves for the rest of our lives, though there are
times where it is not easy. Learning to love yourself is a work constantly in progress, but comes with happiness that only you can find within.

With the idea of self-love becoming so common, it’s important now more than ever to understand exactly what it means. Self-love is not narcissistic, selfish, or proud. It cannot be bottled up and sold or written between the pages of a book. Self-love is a process of growth, learning more about yourself, and accepting who you are for it. It comes with understanding your faults, flaws, things you may not like about yourself, and loving them despite it all. When we think about all of this, there are many resources that will try to convince your self-love is an overnight process. There are things that we feel we may need to do or change right away to get immediate action. Setting boundaries is a smart way to realize what information you’re seeing behind the practice of self-love. It is also important to take your time, like falling in love, it cannot be rushed. Do not let others try and sell you their ideas of self-love, only you know your
needs and how to find them.

There are no rules when it comes to how we express love. It is a feeling we have learned to give others and to receive in return. So isn’t it about time you start to love yourself the way you love others? The ways we can put these feelings into action will help you love yourself deeper, and improve other areas of your life. By learning to practice self-love, you learn to trust yourself, take opportunities as they come into your life, and create newfound confidence going forward. Self-love also means knowing what to let go of, the opinions of others, measurements or comparisons that keep you down, and people in your life who could be holding you back. With all the thoughts, feelings, and actions you take to change your life, be sure that it is done in love. Taking the love you have for others and turning it inward will help you understand you’re
worthy, and deserve every minute of it.

Self-love is a relationship that will last a lifetime. The time and dedication we give to that relationship is the time and dedication we give back to ourselves. It is a process of recognizing what to let go of in your life and prioritizing yourself above all. You deserve the love that you keep searching for in others. Let this be your guide to falling in love with yourself, and may it be one
of the greatest stories ever told.