When we look at the journey that comes from self improvement, it can become overwhelming as a long road lies ahead. Like any journey, you must start at the beginning and the best way to do that is with goal setting. Goal setting is the act of recognizing your dreams and wishes for the future, and planning how to make these wishes into reality. No matter how big or small, taking the time to plan your goals motivates your ability to tackle them head on. With proper steps, goal setting can help you improve any area of your life. But like all great things, it must first come from you. 


Goal setting is important at any age as you grow through life. Whether it’s passing a spelling test, crushing your first interview, or finding your dream home, goal setting will help with your successes. Whatever your destination  may be, goal setting gives you the ability to recognize where you currently are compared to where you want to be. Taking a further step into visualizing where you would like to see yourself can also help enhance this process. Stay consistent working for your goals until one day, your goals will work for you. 


Finally the time comes to put thoughts into action and set your goals. The most effective way in doing so, is making sure you’re setting S.M.A.R.T goals. Yes I mean goals that are smart, but I also mean S.M.A.R.T as in specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timed. Create a goal that is specific to you, something in your life that is so significant you can’t ignore it. Asking yourself questions such as “Why do I want to achieve this goal?” and “What do I want to accomplish?” are simple ways to get down to the root intentions of your goal. By doing this, you have tapped into an unlimited amount of motivation to carry you through your journey. A great goal is also one that will hit many milestones along the way. Creating a goal that is measurable is the key to making progress. For example, instead of saying “I want to read more”, try “I will read seven hundred pages per week by reading one hundred per night”. Another thing to remember when putting your goals into action is to make sure it is attainable. This helps you in realizing the challenges you may face with your goal, and creating it so that success becomes more achievable. Setting yourself up with a standard that is so high can leave you feeling defeated. Always play to your strengths, no one knows you better than you. Remember that goals must also be relevant and realistic to your lifestyle. Why set a goal that has nothing to do with the path you’re currently on? Allowing yourself enough time and resources is a realistic way to believe in yourself and what you can accomplish. A final part that plays into achieving your goals is time. Knowing when you start and when you want to finish holds you accountable during the process. Creating a deadline for your goal is a way to push yourself towards success and celebrate how far you’ve come. 


The practice of setting goals for ourselves is as though we are setting up a plan for life. Every hope and aspiration you have of your dream life has been within you since day one. Goal setting will always start with you and the S.M.A.R.T ways you will work to keep moving forward. As a new expert in goal setting, you have brought empowerment to your journey of self improvement. Keep moving along your journey fearlessly, as you now hold the keys to thrive.